Whether you’re struggling with burnout (READ HERE), career stagnation, or you’re just ready for a change, at-home care agency ownership offers nurses an opportunity to take control of their careers and build their own businesses.


Nurse entrepreneurs are becoming more and more common, as the challenges of the U.S. healthcare system continue to mount. Unfortunately, many nurses feel like their only option is to leave the medical field altogether. But with an in-home care business, you can continue to use and grow your nursing skills and education — while working for yourself.

At-home care industry outlook


The at-home care industry is experiencing unprecedented growth as the Baby Boomer generation ages. And with the added rise in life expectancy, projections put the number of Americans aged 65 or older at 95 million by 2060.


Medical and technological advancements have made it more possible than ever for these seniors to age in place, rather than relocating to nursing homes and care facilities. So the demand for in-home healthcare services will continue to grow throughout the coming decades, making an at-home care agency a valuable investment.

Why at-home care agency ownership is ideal for nurses


A nursing career equips you with many of the necessary skills you’ll need for successful business ownership, including critical thinking, organization, leadership, teamwork, time management, communication, and conflict resolution abilities. In addition, your medical knowledge, education, and experience makes you exceptionally well-suited to run a home care business.

You bring a wealth of ideas and experience


You likely have a long running list of all the changes you wish your current management and facility would make — changes that would benefit staff, patients, and the organization itself. In-home care ownership gives you the opportunity to take control and actually implement your ideas.


Not only will this foster better patient outcomes, it will also help reignite your passion for your healthcare career and allow you to develop a caring, supportive workplace for your fellow nurses and medical professionals. In addition, you’ll be able to deliver the exceptional, compassionate care that you know your patients deserve.

You have the knowledge to ensure quality patient care


While a nursing degree is not required to own a home care agency, it is immensely beneficial. Not only do you know the ins and outs of the healthcare industry, you also understand what it takes to provide high-quality care.


This gives you unique insight and a solid foundation on which to build your business. You’ll be able to control the resources, schedules, and hiring for your agency to help ensure optimal outcomes for all of the patients under your care.

You know how to communicate and cooperate effectively


Patient care is a team effort in any medical setting, including home health. So your nursing career has likely already given you the skills you need to manage and work with a team and communicate with your staff, your patients, and their families.


And while you may not have hands-on leadership experience, two of the key traits that every good leader needs are communication skills and empathy. As a nurse, you understand the challenges that your staff members face on a daily basis, so you are optimally positioned to provide effective leadership and build a cooperative, dedicated team.

Invest in your future with Right Hand Senior Care


If you’re ready to become a nurse entrepreneur, leveraging your nursing skills to launch a new career, Right Hand Senior Care would love to hear from you. We’re reinventing in-home care by supporting our franchisees and giving them all of the tools they need to successfully build and grow their agencies — hands-on.


With Right Hand Senior Care, you won’t be bogged down by paperwork, meetings, and scheduling. We want our owners up-front and engaged with their teams, working side-by-side to deliver high-quality patient care.


So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and change your future with a Right Hand Senior Care franchise.