About Us

Our Origin Story

In 2016 my mom and I needed to help my grandma get in-home care. She had a stroke and she needed 24/7 care. You’d think that wouldn’t be so hard to do with so many companies providing in-home senior care. The search for reliable quality, availability and affordability quickly turned into a nightmare. We just couldn’t find what we were looking for.

Companies we scheduled interviews with didn’t show up or couldn’t provide backup care if her assigned caregiver wasn’t available. No one we spoke with was offering a total program where we felt comfortable putting my grandma’s well-being in their hands.

We Found Huge Gaps in How Non-Medical Home Care is Delivered

Like so many families we decided to try and cover my grandma’s 24/7 home care requirements ourselves. But the whole process was really intimidating and often overwhelming. Eventually we figured out how to make it work with a bit of outside help, but getting to that point was exhausting.

We found huge gaps in how non-medical home care is delivered, not just where my grandma lived, but everywhere. Many caregiving agencies couldn’t reliably staff a client around the clock and didn’t treat their caregivers with dignity and respect. These flaws in the business model drain confidence that loved ones would be well cared for.

Having identified the “gaps” in the in-home senior care service delivery model, we asked ourselves what it would take to fill in those gaps? Could it be done? The answer was yes and the result of our journey is Right Hand Senior Care.

Right Hand was designed from the ground up. We offer a superior brand of non-medical home care services. Through a reinvented business model we plugged the gaps that prevented us from finding the type of quality care we needed for my grandma.

The Journey to Franchising

An idea is one thing. Execution totally another. As you might imagine we didn’t get everything right on day one. But by the end of year three, we were delivering an outstanding level of in-home service to seniors, created a team of motivated and committed caregivers and were running a successful business on top of that. Franchising offered the best business model to teach others how to do for themselves, what we had just accomplished.

Heather continued to meet the challenges of finding, motivating and retaining an excellent team of caregivers to continue growing Right Hand.


Core support services and critical business functions were identified and updated so they could be scaled to not only grow Right Hand, but support a future franchisee network.

From there, we stress tested all our new processes and focused our energies around growing the business. In 2021, we achieved national recognition from Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

Today’s Leadership

Right Hand Senior Care has grown to meet the in-home care demands of more seniors, in more
communities, guided by their experienced leader: Heather Monoc.

“I started without any traditional business experience. But a lot of common sense."

Co-Founder Heather Monoc came to Right Hand Senior Care without formal business training, but with a special knack for caregiving and a background in sales. She learned everything there is to know about the senior care business while successfully building Right Hand. Now franchisees can learn the hard won lessons from her and the rest of the Right Hand Senior Care team.

Why Franchise with Right Hand?

Nearly 90 percent of seniors prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes as they age. Making a major change in their living situation, especially when their health is in question, is an ordeal that is both stressful and, all too often, simply unnecessary.

Right Hand Senior Care offers its franchisees the proven systems and training they need to work with seniors who wish to remain at home, within the neighborhood and community settings that are reassuring sources of connection and identity.

Staffing the Right Caregivers and Back-Office Operations Distinguish Right Hand

Since opening in 2016, Right Hand has set the standard for both quality of services and its uncanny ability to match clients with exactly the right caregiver among its staff of highly-trained and compassionate professionals. However, what really sets Right Hand apart from others in the non-medical home care industry is our innovative approach to addressing two never-ending challenges: caregiver staffing and back-office operations support.

With demand for caregivers dramatically rising, Right Hand focuses its efforts on caregiver development and retention. We also delegate as many administrative tasks as possible to our wholly-owned subsidiary, P2 Owner Support Services, whose team remotely supports our franchisees.

By overseeing recruiting, bookkeeping, scheduling, care planning, customer service and a variety of related tasks that keep operations running smoothly, P2 Owner Support Services provides Right Hand franchisees with the bandwidth needed to invest in caregiver training and personal development–creating career pathways that encourage Right Hand people to grow within the company.

Right Hand Helps Franchisees Focus on the Tasks that Grow Your Business

Heather and her team have invented ways to not only keep up with the day-to-day demands of the business, but devote considerable time and attention to the caregivers that deliver the actual service. Right Hand caregivers knowledge, compassion and dedication represent the heart and soul of the business. They are the tip of the spear. Everything good flows from caregiver excellence.

Right Hand’s scalable franchisee support systems are proven game-changers, allowing franchisees to compete for the limited supply of top-quality caregiving professionals available.

Right Hand’s decentralized business model provides ample room for growth. Our ultimate vision is to grow our franchisee network responsibly into other markets – specifically, in the southeastern region of the United States.

Our franchise business model allows nurses and other professionals to transition into this field with confidence knowing that we’ve already overcome the challenges you’d face if you attempted to start an in-home senior care company on your own.