Launching a new business can be both exciting and terrifying. So many unknowns, a mile-long to-do list, and that nagging uncertainty over whether or not your new venture will be successful — especially if you’re opening an independent business and going at it alone.


That’s why many people choose to invest in a franchise opportunity, rather than starting their own business from scratch. Opting for a franchise means you’ll have a partner that gives you the tools and backing you need to succeed. But just how much support does a franchisor provide to their franchisees? Let’s take a look.


Thorough Training


Before you open your doors, your franchisor will have you go through an extensive training program to ensure that you understand how to operate your new business. Typically, this will involve both online and on-the-job training programs that address nearly every aspect of operations and management. In short, they’ll make sure you know what you’re doing before you start.


In addition, they’ll also provide training materials, programs, and resources for your employees. This can be an enormous help, especially if you don’t have much industry knowledge or experience training or managing a team.


Proven Products and Services


Some people are hesitant to choose a franchise over an independent business because they want full control over what their company offers. However, this freedom comes with some downsides. First, you’ll have to do tons of market research to determine what your customers actually want and the prices they’re willing to pay for it. Second, the market can be finicky, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed with your chosen offerings and price points.


A franchise, on the hand, will have designated products, services, and prices that are tested and proven in the market. So while you may not get to choose what you sell or provide, you can be confident that your offerings are in-demand and priced appropriately.


Marketing Tools


Marketing and advertising are absolutely essential for business success, and with a franchise, most of the legwork will already be done for you. Your franchisor will provide you with tried and tested marketing materials, plans, and strategies to help you maximize your outreach and build up your customer base.


Administrative Support


This varies by franchise, but your franchisor may offer everything from customer service to HR resources to technical support. Not only will this help you keep costs down, since you won’t have to hire an extensive team (or do it all yourself), it will also allow your small business to benefit from resources that are typically only available to large companies and enterprises.


Established Processes


Again, it can vary between franchises, but generally, your franchisor will have set processes in place for things like operations, HR, accounting, and reporting. This can save you substantial amounts of time, money, and labor — not to mention headaches — as well help ensure that nothing important falls through the cracks.


Ongoing Assistance


With an independent business, you’re at the top. There’s no one above you to call for help when you need it. But with a franchise, you’ll have your franchisor behind you every step of the way. If you ever need advice or assistance, it’s only a phone call or email away. Your franchisor will likely check in with you regularly, as well, to make sure that everything is running smoothly and provide additional insight and advice.


If you’re looking for a franchisor that’s dedicated to your success, Right Hand Senior Care has franchise opportunities available. We provide our franchisees with all of the tools and resources that they need to thrive in their new businesses.

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