Some entrepreneurs are hesitant to invest in a franchise opportunity, because they want to be able to “be their own boss.” They see franchise ownership as more of a managerial position with little control or flexibility, where they are constantly answering to the franchise company.


However, franchise owners actually have quite a bit of control over their business, its operations, and the workplace culture — plus they get to take advantage of the support and backing of the parent company.


What does the franchisor have control over?


That being said, let’s first take a look at what the franchise company has control over. While it can vary from company to company, the franchisor typically dictates:


  • What products or services the business can provide — The franchise is known for its specific products or services, so franchisees don’t have the option to add to or take away from these offerings or provide services or products outside of what the company offers.
  • A minimum level of performance — A franchisee is contractually obligated to meet a certain performance level, agreed upon by both parties. However, companies want their franchisees to succeed, so most franchisors will work to help struggling franchisees and find solutions to support their business.
  • Reporting requirements — Franchisees have to report to the parent company at regular intervals, so the franchisor can track how the business is doing and get insight into performance, financials, and other metrics.
  • Branding and advertising — A key aspect of franchises is that branding is identical across all locations. So franchisees must stick with the company’s branding for things like signs, logos, uniforms, etc. Many franchises also provide their franchisees with specific advertising and marketing materials to use as well.
  • Some processes and procedures — A company that is successful enough to offer franchise opportunities will have established, proven processes and procedures that franchisees must follow for things like training, accounting, and general operations.

What do franchisees have control over?

Recruiting and Management — Finding, hiring, managing, and paying staff members is completely up to the franchisee. So you’ll get to choose exactly how to build and manage your team, who you want to work with, and how much to pay them.

Developing a Workplace Culture — As a franchisee, you’ll set the tone for your business and team members. Whether you want a buttoned-up, professional atmosphere or a more laid-back casual environment is yours to decide and develop.

Marketing — While the franchise company may have specific advertising materials that you are required to use, you will likely have some flexibility when it comes to local marketing. For example, managing social media pages, sponsoring community events, and participating in local business groups.

Customer Service — While customer service is the responsibility of the franchisee, it’s important to note that you are representing your parent company’s brand. Providing excellent customer support is an essential aspect of a successful business, so sub-par service can negatively affect both your business and your relationship with your franchisor.

Day-to-Day Operations — As mentioned earlier, there may be some specific processes that you need to follow as a franchisee, but overall, the daily running of your business is up to you. So things like ordering supplies, working with customers and vendors, bookkeeping and payroll, and keeping everything running smoothly is up to you.

As you can see, a franchise owner has quite a bit of control over the building and running of their business. While the parent company will be able to dictate things like branding, products and services, and reporting requirements, the franchisee is fully responsible for hiring and managing their staff and developing a successful, well-run business.

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